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And this is just a peek

Check out all the delicious dishes we have in our Sushi menu!

Sushi Menu

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And this is just a peek

Check out all the delicious dishes we have in our Korean menu!

Korean Menu

Matoi Sushi


Since 1988!

Looking for great, quality sushi that rivals the sushi restaurants of New York City and Los Angeles? Matoi Sushi restaurant of Tampa has established itself as the premiere Japanese Sushi restaurant in all of Tampa Bay.

Since opening in 1988, Matoi's list of celebrities praising its Japanese sushi dishes has grown steadily through the years. With over 21 specialty sushi rolls, we have something sure to please every sushi lover's palate.


The best and the freshest in Tampa.

At Matoi, we serve only the freshest sushi period so you are sure to get the best tasting sushi in the bay area. All of our sushi ingredients are inspected and approved by our chefs before any items are prepared. You don't have to go all the way to Japan to have world class sushi, just stop into Matoi. We are ready to wow you today.

Interested in Something Other than Sushi? We also offer a wide selection of authentic, properly prepared Korean cuisine such as KimChee, Bul Go Ki and Gal Bi. Check out our Korean menu for a description of all our available entrées. Matoi Sushi, established in 1988 and still going strong. Stop by today and get a taste of Asian flavor.

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We are conveniently located just south of I-275 (Exit 41A) on N. Dale Mabry Hwy between W. Cass Street and W. Carmen Street. (Across the street from Barnes and Noble, just North of Kennedy Blvd)

605 N. dale Mabry Hwy , Tampa:

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History of Sushi


The beginning

Originally developed as a form of pickling in order to keep fish and vegetables from going bad by packing them in soured fermenting rice, Sushi has come a long way from its meager beginnings in ancient Japan. It has undergone many changes over time, shaping it into the wholesome, tasty treat we know and love today. Vinegar was not added to sushi until the Muromachi period (A.D. 1336-1573). It was found to boost the flavor considerably and shorten the fermentation process.

Today's sushi usually consists of sushi rice, fresh fish and seafood ingredients, various assorted vegetables complimented with garnishes and condiments.


A healthy tradition.

Traditional sushi has also been applauded as a wonderful way to stay healthy due to it being naturally high in vitamins and minerals, carbohydrates, protein and generally low in fat. Tofu consists of soybean curd, a healthy alternative to meat that when consumed regularly could help lower bad cholesterol, strengthen bone among other things and is a great source of vitamin E and calcium. Seaweed is rich in B-vitamin foliate, iron, calcium and magnesium.

Making a name for oneself as a true sushi chef can take upwards of ten years of hard study and hands on sushi training in order to prepare and present it properly. Proper sushi preparation and presentation is a true art form.

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